Psychosexual: A Love Story is a musical comedy/drama about the nature of love and relationships set against the backdrop of pop psychology, reality television and sexual obsession. A six-character play with both straight and gay romances, Psychosexual will have wide appeal.

Funny and poignant, Psychosexual tells the story of Brad and Sarah Morton, marriage counselors and best-selling authors of such books as “Making Marriage Work When Everything Else Is Broken.” Frequently on television, they are about to get their own show, to be produced by Omeika Carter, the African-American talk show host and media mogul who has often hosted them.

The truth, however, is that their marriage is on the rocks and they’re maintaining a façade in order to get the show. Secretly, Brad is obsessed with stripper Leah Lane. He spends most of his free time at Floyd’s Fabulous Fantasy Club, where he watches Leah and orders lap dances from her. The club’s owner, Floyd Ryder, realizes that Brad is a celebrity of sorts and photographs him and Leah together. Floyd then attempts to blackmail Brad with the pictures.

Sarah is hurt and angered by the turn of events. Omeika is none too pleased either, since a scandal would embarrass her and tarnish her brand. The three hatch a plan to turn the tables on Floyd that results in a number of outrageous twists and turns. Throw in another stripper, Kayla Sizzle, a sexy Latina looking for love, and you have a story that will surprise, delight and move audiences.

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